Fenland Repeater Group

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Held on 8th May 2002

At Boston Bowl Rochford Tower Lane



The Chairman welcomed the members and gave a short address in recognition of the valuable past services rendered to the Fenland Repeater Group by Geoff Gwilliam, the former Hon. Secretary. A one minute silence was observed in his memory.

Apologies for Absence were recorded for G4XQT, G1ZQC, G4DYD, G0STT

Members Present:- G4OID, 2E1FRQ, G4DDI, G6CZV, G4SJV, M1ERY, G8SFU, G3NNQ, G0POM, G0PXB, G4RPD, G8BEH, G0NWU

1. Preliminary Actions:- Following Geoffís sad and unexpected death, the meeting was invited to appoint a new Hon. Secretary to transact the business of the AGM. A proposal by Paul G0POM that John Storry G4OID be appointed to the office, seconded by Keith M1ERY, was carried unanimously.

2. The difficulties encountered when trying to obtain the Repeater Group papers from Geoff Gwilliamís executors were explained to the meeting and it was proposed by Paul G0POM, seconded by Tony G6CZV, carried unanimously, that the ratification of the Minutes of the 2001AGM be referred to Committee after the files had been retrieved. Duggie G8BEH will meet with a family member in approximately three weeks to finalise this and report to the Hon. Secretary.

3. The Treasurerís Report was circulated to the members present at the meeting and, following explanations from the Treasurer Dennis G8NNQ and the Chairman G0POM, it was proposed by Dave G8SFU, seconded by Chris G0PXB, carried unanimously, that the accounts be accepted as a true record of the groupís annual trading and financial position.

4. Repeater Keeperís/Repeater Engineerís Reports were presented by Dave G8SFU and Colin G4DDI outlining the work carried out during the year and confirming the current status of the equipment. The Chairman paid tribute to the valuable assistance with maintenance which had been received from several members during the year and a vote of thanks was formally proposed by Dennis D3NNQ and seconded by Dave G8SFU, carried unanimously.

5. Following a suggestion by the Hon Secretary G4OID, it was proposed by Dennis D3NNQ, seconded by Keith M1ERY that the remaining members of the 2001 Committee be re-elected en bloc. This was carried unanimously and the re-elected Committee Members are as follows:-

Chairman; Paul G0POM.                
Deputy Chairman/Fund Raising; Chris G0PXB.                                          
Hon. Secretary John G4OID.                                                                    
Hon. Treasurer; Dennis G3NNQ.                                                         
Repeater Keeper; Dave G8SFU.                                                                 
Repeater Technical Support; Colin G4DDI.    Derek  G4SJV.                               
Ordinary Members; Joe G3NHF, Keith M1ERY, Duggie G8BEH,

This concluded the Annual General Meeting Agenda and there followed a semi-informal discussion on a variety of subjects connected with the conduct of Repeater Group affairs in such areas as finance, attendance at Rallies and social commitments.

(i) It was informally agreed that the subscription to the Council for Voluntary Services would be renewed when the paperwork came to hand. Chris G0PXB is to deal with this and to inform them of the change of Hon. Secretary.

(ii) The Hon. Treasurer indicated his preference for a slight change to the Repeater Groupís banking arrangements to allow for the creation of a Current Account on which cheques could be drawn and it was proposed by Dave G8SFU, seconded by Chris G0PXB that the Chairman be authorised to make all necessary arrangements to the bank mandate and to inform the bank of the change of Hon. Secretary.

(iii) Chris G0PXB advised the meeting of the sad death of 2E1DDNís wife.

(iv) Chris G0PXB advised the meeting that the next Horncastle Rally will be held on 4th August 2002, where Morse Tests will again be available. Paul G0POM emphasised the need to mobilise as much assistance as possible from the Radio Amateurs who regularly use the Repeater facilities. Duggie G8BEH offered to supply a quantity of junk for the FRG Table. A Committee Meeting to finalise the details has been provisionally arranged to take place on Wednesday 24th July 2002 at the Boston Bowl, subject to the availability of a room.

(v) Chris G0PXB is to telephone Ray to book an FGR Table for the Spalding Rally to be held at Springfields on the 26th May 2002. Questions were asked regarding the availability of free Entrance Passes for FRG members on duty and mention was made of the availability of overnight camping pitches subject to prior arrangement.

(vi) There appeared to be little enthusiasm among the members to support a table at the Lincoln Rally in 2002, principally because it was not felt that the financial returns justified the effort. In a similar vein, a suggestion to reactivate the Spilsby Junk Sale also received lukewarm support.

The meeting dispersed informally at 2130hrs.