Fenland Repeater Group

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Held on 7th May 2003

At Boston Bowl Rochford Tower Lane


Members Present: G4SJV, G8SFU, G40ID, 2E1FRQ, G8BEH; G3NHF; G4DYV'; G0PXB; G3NNQ; G0POM; G4DDI. 

Apologies for Absence were received from: M1ERY, 2E0HLM, G3ZPU, G0STT G7MWH, G8MWC, G4NHL.

1. The Chairman opened the meeting by welcoming the members. 

2. The Hon. Secretary read the Minutes of the last AGM and after G3NHF had been added to the list of attendees, it was proposed by G8SFU, seconded by G3NHF, carried unanimously, that the minutes be accepted as a true record of the proceedings.

3 The Chairman thanked G40ID for his efforts in restoring 'normal service' in the difficult period immediately following the death of Geoff Gwilliam and also expressed his appreciation for the work put in during the year by the other members of the group to ensure the successful operation of the two repeaters, after which he requested the Hon. Secretary to present his report.

4. The Hon Secretary informed the meeting that the only matter of note was the bleeper problem which occurred during 2002, provoking a series of official complaints. He thanked Colin, Dave and Derek for the invaluable practical assistance given to him during his disagreement with the RMC Manager concerning the ownership of the problem and outlined his continuing dissatisfaction at the abrasive manner in which the regulatory officials approached the matter.

5. The Vice-Chairman informed the meeting that the Horncastle Rally had achieved its usual success despite some problems with obtaining sufficient tables. Although a good relationship existed with the Horncastle Youth Centre, a general lack of support from the FRG membership in helping at the rallies was noted. An earlier attendance on the door is essential to ensure all entrance fees are collected. It has not proved possible to obtain a competitive quote for the reprinting of FRG log books but efforts are continuing to try to find a supplier.

6. The Hon. Treasurer presented the Balance Sheet for the year ending 28th March 2003 saying that, although the year had been a quiet one, a satisfving increase in funds had occurred and with no current liabilities, the cash in hand stood at 3124.67. It was proposed by G40ID, seconded by G4DDI that the accounts be accepted as a true record of the group's financial position.

7. The Repeater Keeper confirmed that there had been no further problems wilth the RMC Manager and briefly conferred with the Hon. Secretary who asked for clarification of the insurance arrangements to confirm no duplication of cover was occurring.

8. Colin G4DDI informed the meeting about the changes to the repeaters which had become necessary to counter the actions of the bleepers on FR and explained the measures which had become necessary to deal satisfactorily with several complaints about the generation of spurii. There had been no of'f'-air period during the year. It was noted that the temporary receive aerial being used by SO requires urgent replacement. The question of checking site clearance and sourcing a new commercial quality aerial will be discussed in Committee at an early date.

9. The Chairman briefly handed the chair to the Hon. Secretary to allow the election of a new Committee to proceed. While noting that, despite the widest possible publications of the AGM, the absence of Ordinary Members had the effect of the Committee reselecting itself, it was proposed by G40ID, seconded by G8SFU that the established protocol be continued and the retiring Committee be re-elected en bloc. The motion was carried unanimously so the ongoing committee for 2003/2004 is :

Chainnan, Paul GOPOM. 
Deputy Chairman/Fund Raising, Chris GOPXB. 
Hon Secretary John G40ID. 
Hon. Treasurer; Dennis G3NNQ. 
Repeater Keeper; Dave G8SFU
Repeater Technical Support Colin G4DDI & Derek G4SJV. 
Ordinary Members, G3NHF MIERY, G8BEH.

10. It was proposed by G4SJV, seconded by G0POM, carried unanimously, that the level of subscriptions remain unchanged.

There followed a brief informal discussion to arrange a Committee Meeting immediately following this AGM, after which the Chairman formally closed the latter meeting at 9pm.