Fenland Repeater Group

Minutes of Annual General Meeting

Held on 12th May 2004

At Boston Bowl Rochford Tower Lane


Members Present; G0NNQ, G0PXB, G8BEH, G3NHF, G4SJV, M1ERY, G4DYV, G0POM, G8SFU, G4NHL.

Apologies from; G4DDI; G3ZPU; G7MWH; G0STT; G0NVY.

1. Chairmanís Report.
Paul G0POM opened the meeting by welcoming the members, Acknowledged the apologies, And after informing the meeting that John G4OID had stood down as Secretary continued to the minutes of the previous AGM himself, It was proposed, seconded and carried as a true record of the proceedings, unfortunately due to a lack of Secretary at this stage those who proposed and seconded were not noted.

2. Vice Chairmanís Report
Chris G0PXB informed the meeting that the Horncastle Rally was its usual success with its usual problems the main one being lack help mainly on the day of setting up, He ask for and received offers of help.

3.Treasurerís Report
Dennis G0NNQ presented the Balance Sheet for the year ending 31 March 2004 saying it had been a fairly uneventful year with no liabilities and a slight increase in funds and the closing Balance stood at £3,388.80 this was proposed and seconded and carried as a true statement of the groups finances, but again no names were noted.

4. Repeater Keeperís Report
Dave G8SFU stated there were no problems FR or SO and any work done was only routine maintenance with exception of the SO antenna to which the Chairman replied was being held up by the problem of gaining access and qualification to the site,

5. Paul G0POM briefly handed over the chair for the election of Chairman, Derek G4SJV proposed his re-election and it was seconded by Joe G3NHF.

The Committee was voted back en-block after a lengthy debate which ended in Keith M1ERY taking over as Secretary; these proposals were put forward by Chris G0PXB and seconded by Dave G8SFU.

The 2004/2005 Committee is:-

Chairman; Paul G0POM, Vice Chairman/Fund Raising; Chris G0PXB, Hon Secretary; Keith M1ERY,Hon Treasurer, Dennis G3NNQ .Repeater Keeper; Dave G8SFU. Repeater Technical Support; Colin G4DDI & Derek G4SJV.Ordinary Members; Joe G3NHF, Dougie G8BEH.

6. A proposal that subscriptions be unaffected was put forward by Dave G8SFU and seconded by Derek G4SJV.

7. It was considered unnecessary for a general meeting to follow and the Chairman closed the meeting at 2100hrs.